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Upgrade your team's tech capabilities and skillsets with our advanced PHP-focused training and mentorship programmes.

We are LTS Training, a team of highly skilled and certified PHP developers, passionate about helping companies and individuals accelerate their growth.

Make the Most of Your Human Resources

One of the key things that cause many small or mid-sized tech companies to slow down their growth is (in) the ability of their team to keep up the impressive levels of productivity and delivery quality that initially stimulated the growth. One of the best ways to overcome this challenge, and resume and accelerate growth is to constantly hire the leading available experts.

There’s, however, another way.

Investing in elevating and expanding your team’s knowledge and tech skillset provides the highest ROI and lets you gain more from your team. Providing your employees with relevant and up-to-date knowledge and tools makes them ready to successfully solve even the most complicated tasks, enabling them to achieve more and better. It also saves you the trouble of spending time and money on finding, hiring, and managing third-party developers.

Maximise Your Results

With the option to tailor our programmes to your needs and goals, LTS Training offers a unique opportunity to equip your team with the most relevant tech skillset to grow your business.

Learn from Top Experts

Our tutors are expert developers first and tutors second. With decades of experience, they are proficient in solving complex challenges and helping businesses grow.

Gain a Long-Term Partner

Things change. Technology evolves, people come and go. We, on the other hand, are here to stay. Dedicated to helping your team constantly grow and update their PHP knowledge.

Suitable for Independent Developers

Let’s face it, technology moves too fast today. The knowledge you’ve gained after completing a course or learning a degree needs to be constantly updates if you want to advance in your career, or even be considered for a development job. With LTS Training’s programmes, you can quickly fill in the knowledge gaps or learn about the latest PHP tricks and insights, turning yourself into an invaluable asset for most tech-oriented businesses.

Why LTS Academy?

We can talk about our highly experienced, UK-based, native-speaking teachers. We can talk about how our programmes are filled with up-to-date and highly relevant content that focuses on PHO but also gives advice on other tech-related topics. Yes, we can even talk about how our small learnings groups allow for more personal and dedicated approach.

But, let’s first talk about how our training and mentorship programmes can deliver the results you’re after.

Use Knowledge to Get Ahead

Evolve your team's tech capabilities and skills to start achieving better business results. Get in touch to learn more about our training and mentorship programmes - or tailoring one to suit your business's exact needs.