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Elevate your team's skillset to most advanced and up-to-date levels with the help of dedicated, experienced, and prominent educators.

We are LTS Training, a team of highly skilled and certified PHP developers, passionate about helping companies and individuals accelerate their growth.

Experience Matters

And we have it. LTS Training’s leading tutors have over two decades of experience improving their PHOP skills, running successful businesses, and sharing knowledge. Learning from our past achievemets and overcame obstacles, we have crafter a unique learning environment that helps businesses and individuals on how to prosper in the ever-evolving digital world. 

Tech Authorities

With relevant, up-to-date certifications and countless PHP environments created so far, we can teach you the ins and outs of solving any kind of technical challenge.

Tailored Approach

We can teach complex concepts on your internal database, solving relevant and real problems. With us, you can see meaningful progress – almost immediately.

Long-Term Support

Our goal is to become your partners in growth, teaching breakthrough concepts as they emerge, and helping each new member of your team reach their full potential.

Meet Joseph Edmonds,
LTS Training's Leading Educator

Hi, I’m Joseph Edmonds, a business owner, expert developer, and book author. One of the key things I’ve learned in my two decades of experience as a PHP developer and business owner is how crucial is to never stop improving your knowledge.

Today, technology moves too fast for any degree or certification to stay relevant after some time. No matter if you’re taking your first steps as a developer or have dozens of successful projects under your belt, if you don’t move forward – you’l be left behind.

Its is my deep understanding of the latest PHP and MySQL environments, blended with the invaluable experience I’ve gotten from leading a successful business that enables me to pinpoint the ideal solution for any kind of problem holding you back. In my training and mentorship sessions, I employ straightforward and detail-oriented teaching methods to pass the knowledge of successfully tackling even the most complex back end processes.

The Art of Modern PHP 8

Your practical and essential guide to getting up to date with PHP 8

Written by Joseph Edmonds, this is an expansive guide on utilising the most advanced PHP practices to improve your developing skills. It is also the basis of our Standard Training Programme.

Advance Your or Your Team's Developing Skills

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