The Fastest Way Forward

Our mentorship programme is tailored to boost your tech skills and provide the support guidance you need to grow as an expert.

We are LTS Training, a team of highly skilled and certified PHP developers, passionate about helping companies and individuals accelerate their growth.

A High-Impact Mentorship Programme

LTS Training’s mentorship programme extends far beyond the traditional training programmes our courses offering highly personalised, accelerated learning sessions. Starting from 4 hours per month and with 2-4 sessions each month, we provide you with the opportunity to have a leading tech expert as your trusted guide.

Get tailored training in the areas that are holding you back

Gain advanced development and business insights

Receive expert advise with technical and decision making​

Maximise the quality and quantity of your tech solutions and products​

Have an experienced developer assess your ideas and strategies

Mentorship Programme 01

Mentorship Options for Businesses

In terms of providing expert guidacne and training to your developers, having an LTS Training mentor on board is more efficient and cost-effective than having a full-time lead developer. With us, you can hire talented junior developers and elevate their skillset in-house. While supporting your team’s growth, we will also ensure your company’s projects run smoothly, maximising their success rate.

Providing tailored mentorship to the developer of your choice (or to a small group of them) will help boost their confidence and fill their knowledge gaps, getting them up-to-date with the latest PHP trends and advancements.

Mentorship Programme 02

Mentorship Options for Single Developers

With one of the leading LTS Training’s experts dedicated to your personal development, you can finally replace confusion with clarity and uncertainty with confidence. Acting as your helping hand and sounding board, your mentor will provide advanced tech guidance and training, not neglecting the business side of the learning process.

We’ll tailor the programme to your exact needs, goals, and situation. During the one-on-one sessions, you will successfully comprehend and ‘conquer’ even the most complex topics and solve even the most challenging tech problems. You will gain the long-term support you need to secure and stimulate your personal development.

Have a Proven Expert as Your Dedicated Mentor

Want to learn more about the ways our mentorship programme can support your immediate and long term growth? Get in touch to discuss our experts' capabilities or create a fully tailored plan.